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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I’m letting you in on a little pre-Father’s Day secret. Ahem, listen up. I plan on sending Joe on a scavenger hunt around our house. Since fundage is a little low this year, I had to get creative. I dug out the ol’ scrapbooking supplies, posed my little child in front of the camera, and voila – this is the result.


Unfortunately, I can't take credit for this cute idea as most of my creative brain cells have been fried from my ridiculous addiction to Diet Coke, but Joe doesn't have to know that I copied off of other creative people, does he?

Here's my plan:

I'm going to post these little photos all around the house and send him on a wild goose chase to get to the final picture (the first one I listed). I may include a steak dinner or a gift card to his favorite SCUBA store with that picture, but that remains to be seen. Father's Day isn't about anything monetary, right? At least it shouldn't be.

Picture 1:

I'd like to think of something witty to write on the back. I'll place it on, say, the refigerator b/c I know he'll look there first thing in the a.m. Then I'll point him to pictures 2 - 5.

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

Picture 4:

Picture 5:

Then he'll end up here:

What do ya think? Anyone wanna help me come up with some cute lines to get him thinking about where to find the next picture? I challenge you. Annnnnd go.

Oh, and to sweeten the pot for ya, anyone who helps me come up with something witty will get some props in my blog AND a little somethin' somethin' from one of my friends' Etsy stores (Mada's Place or Peachy Keen Designs - you choose)*. Any takers?!

*Prize not to exceed $10 in value.


Mandy said...

SUCH a cute idea! I would try to help you come up with something witty but my brain is also fried from a teething Ben keeping me up lately. :)

Katrina said...

So adorable! I'm suffering from a major brain fart when it comes to Father's Day. Boo!

OMG - I love her hair accessories! Where are you getting them from? Addison needs some upgrades!

Eli said...

This is so cute. One time for an ex-bf, I made him go on a similar hunt. I wrote riddles for him to solve, and made him go to the trunk of his car, the mailbox, etc. until he got to the final gift under his bed. Good luck and take lots of pics to show us how it all came out.

Freckles Chick said...

Now THIS is a fab gift. That little peanut! Cuteness overload. He might lose focus in all that adorableness during the scavenger hunt, for reals.

How sweet would it be to write something on the back of each one like: "I" is for (insert one of his qualities here)...."D" is for (quality), etc.

Or hiding the clues in his favorite spots around the house, like under his fave chair, or in his fave shirt, etc. The clues could be a hint/story/memory leading him to that spot/item.

I think this was the most productive thing I've done all day......

The Babcock Family said...

Love this idea, too! I also NEED to buy that dress Anna has on for my little girl. To die for! Where did you get it?!

Anonymous said...

You can write little demands from Anna- like, "There's a special diaper that needs to be taken care of" and "I only want Daddy to give me my bottle and no one else" and "Please, Daddy, can you tie bows on my pigtails?"
And your husband will have to go to the changing table, kitchen, Anna's bow drawer (or wherever you keep them.)

Loving Mommy! said...

She looks adorable in these pics and it's a great idea!!

Kelly said...

such a cute idea!

mandie lane said...

CUTE! Well played, Natalie, I Have to say I prefer your paper letters over the big wooden (and after the photo shoot, useless) letters that are all the rage on a certain chat board. It probably helps your child is ridiculously adorable, too.

Joe will love it!

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