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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The hunt.

As promised, I have lots o’ fun stuff to post for you fine people (and not so fine people, that’s always debatable). So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

First: Father’s Day Fun!

As mentioned in my not-so-secret Father’s Day Post, I wanted to do something fun for Joe for his first Father’s Day. There’s more to Father’s Day than new, shiny grills and ugly ties, folks. I wanted to put some thought into it and spend some time to let him know how much I appreciate him and all he does for Anna and me.

So, I shamelessly begged the 3 readers of this blog to help me come up with some cute riddles to place in inconspicuous places around my house. As usual, you all came through. I’d like to especially thank Amanda for all of her help. For her help, she won a precious key fob that was purchased from my friend Steph’s Etsy Shop (Mada’s Place). Check out her shop if you have some time!

And now...'s time to unveil some pictures from the scavenger hunt. Please note that Joe asked to not be featured in too many pictures due to his bed head and ZZ Top afro-beard facial hair. I'll throw in one picture of him just because he's such a cutie!

I will say that I overslept that morning and Joe started the hunt without me. He thought he was supposed to find all of the “clues” before I woke up. Silly man, trix are for kids. So, I made him re-create the first three clues. That’s as far as he got before I woke up and said, “What the heck, Joe?!”

Here’s the picture for Riddle #1:

The riddle was taped on the fridge door:

Riddle #1 said:
Happy Father's Day, daddy, I hid something for you. You'll have to go to a messy place, to find out what to do.

There are lots of clothes, and shoes, and magazines galore, but what you need to find is hidden on the floor.

Answer: His closet, but there's no way I'm showing you his messy closet, so I'll just show you a picture of the door! IMG_5948

Here's the picture for Riddle #2:

Riddle #2 said:

Good job, daddy, I see you found this clue. Now pay attention closely, I’ll tell you what to do.

Your next clue can be found right beneath a book. It may be in a bedroom or somewhere else, just keep a positive outlook.

Answer: Beneath the book "Where the Wild Things Are" on the front seat in my Saturn Outlook.

Here's the picture for Riddle #3:

Riddle #3 said:

Now it’s time to move along, you’re more than halfway through. I’ll bet you’re really excited about your next clue!

I’m pink and brown and cute as can be. This is where I go everyday to catch one or two Zs.

Answer: Anna’s crib!
Nursery 001

Here's the picture for Riddle #4:

Riddle #4 said:

You’re getting much warmer and closer to your final prize. Your next clue is American, try that on for size.

Roses are red, violets are blue, where were you in ‘62?

Answer: Beneath Joe’s American Graffiti mouse paid in our office.

Here's the picture for Riddle #5 (final riddle):
Riddle #5 said:

You’ve made it to the end, I’m so very proud of you. Good job, well done, you’ve reached your final clue.

Puppies are cute and furry and a little smelly. Your final prize is being protected by a puppy belly.

Answer: Buried under Anna’s huge, soft puppy that I let her play with while she’s in the office with me.

IMG_6006 IMG_6009
Needless to say, Joe had an excellent time!

IMG_5952 IMG_6012

Second: More Father’s Day Pictures

More pictures for all of you picture lovers out there!

I also made an Anna photo collage for my father (aka Paw Paw). He loved it! (The quality looks crappy b/c it’s too huge of a file for blogger to upload). Side-eye @ blogger.

Anna with my grandfather (granpapa)



IMG_6027 Anna with her alfalfa hair.IMG_6030 Anna reaching for the ceiling at my mom’s house. Paw Paw (my dad) is holding her. Aren’t you digging her 1980s legwarmers?

Third: Miscellaneous Pictures

IMG_6032Doh! Anna was caught red handed. She has now decided that she wants to stand in her crib and try to get out. Oy vey!IMG_6034She thinks it’s funny. I beg to differ.


Berg said...

Loving the leg warmers! The scavenger hunt was such a cute idea.

Momma Salsa said...

Ahh the hunt went so well! I love how you capture Anna's personality through all your shots! She is a ham!

Freckles Chick said...

So stinkin' adorable! I lurve your ryhming clues. I'm rolling at Joe rushing to finish the hunt before you got up. What the hell, Joe?! =]

And hello adorable nursery! Do I also spy the Duncan Phyfe sofa you mentioned? I can see the gorgeous legs!

One Pork Chop said...

Yep, very good eyes, Freckles. The sofa that the puppy dog is on is the Duncan P that I inherited from my grandparents. It has a matching chair. I also have the 1950s desk that they used as well. :)

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