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Monday, June 15, 2009

For Jen.

In my Ask Me Anything post, Jen asked me the following question(s):

Labor and Delivery story! I dont think I ever heard about yours. Was your delivery fairly easy? tough? worst thing ever ever imaginable?? (oh wait that was me haha)
I actually posted my birth story on here, but it's buried deep, deep within the porkchop files. :)

Here ya go!

Ma birth story. Proceed with caution.


Lyndsay said...

Holy crap your labor story was hilarious!! And that gives me incentive to blog mine b/c I never did.

Jen said...

"I would rather pluck out my own eye than feel that again."

best. quote. ever.

loved reading about your l&d story. I can completely relate on so many levels to my own, but what I cannot relate to is the fact that you looked gorgeous in every single one of the photos taken of you during labor!!! what up with that??! did you practice l&d posing beforehand or something?! :) My pics were bad. very very bad. fugly ugly!!! lol

p.s that doc you lucked out with looks pretty easy on the eyes too- sure would have made my labor better to have someone like him down there rather than the creepy old midwife of mine!

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